Chat Rain Tips

Summary:  . Yes, you can earn simply by chatting on Cointiply! You need to do something meaningful on the site and say something meaningful to earn Chat Rain.  Below are some helpful tips to increase your share:

1. Don't just chat - Your share of the chat rain is largely based on how much you earn from offerwalls during that chat rain period. If you just claim from the faucet or do a PTC, you will be only eligible for a small share of the chat rain. You don't need to stay in the chat room to collect your rain!

2.  Meaningless chat does not help - Your chat post needs to be something meaningful and lengthy. Don't just post spam or long gibberish obviously as that goes against the chat rules. Answer people's questions. Try to be helpful! Cointiply says it actually lowers your rate if you post gibberish.

3.  Use the Green Dot - Once your have the green dot, you are good to go. If you see a red dot like in the image below, you need to either do an offer, spin the faucet, or get chatting to get chat rain.

4.  Rain Timing is Uncertain - The rain drop fills up based on site activity, so you never know when it will rain. Once the drop gets over half full you can no longer join that chat rain sometimes. For instance, the rain in the image above is basically closed now. Sometimes, I believe, your chatting in this rain will carry over to the next rain. 

5.  Adding to the rain pool does not increase your share - If you use /rain and specify a number you can add to the rain pool. This is kind, but you cannot increase your share by doing this. 

6.  Don't talk about the Chat Rain - Talking about your red dot turning to a green dot or spamming messages about rain is not really liked or tolerated by the Chat Mods :) (like myself). 

7. Your share will drop usually - Usually if you just finished an offer, your chat rain share will be high towards the beginning, but as others do offers, your share will drop, as others will join in the pool.

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