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What are CointiPoints and Collectibles?  CointiPoints are a reward system for earning on  You earn 1 CointiPoint (CPt) for every 10 coins that you gain on the site from faucet claims, offer wall earnings, videos, referral earnings, browser games, and PTC ads.  Also, you earn 50 for 10,000 wagered in the multiplier game. CointiPoints help you level up on Cointiply, which unlock collectible slots that allow you to get a higher earning percentage on the site. Each level takes 10% more CointiPoints to progress through, so levels 50 and up become quite difficult to progress through. 


With CointiPoints, you can purchase collectibles that can be sold or activated to boost site offerwall earnings! Your site earnings can easily be boosted 20%+, see my friend Tony's boost setup in image below. I commonly boost my earnings to about 30%! Two collectible types exist: temporary ones, called consumables, and permanent, called Equippables. Read more below.

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CointiPoint Beginner Advice:

See Your CointiPoint Balance 

On the main faucet Dashboard page, click on Cointivity Profile. Here you can see how many CointiPoints you have earned and your progress to the next level. Higher levels unlock more slots to affix collectibles to further boost your earnings.  Below the CointiPoint balance, you'll see what your current earning boost is and how many coins you earned per day because of that boost. These coins are added instantly to your account, but only appear at the end of the day UTC in your activity log.  Further below that, you'll see your slots that show which collectibles are currently active boosting your account.  Boosts are categorized as permanent ones called "Equippables" and temporary ones that expire after so many hours called "Consumables". 

Getting collectibles 

Clicking on Inventory & Pods takes you to the page where you can purchase collectibles. They are contained in pods of different price based on common, uncommon, or rare status. Make sure to use CointiPoints to purchase pods. If you use your coin balance, you probably will be buying at a loss. Each pod contains 3 collectibles that will be stored on this "Inventory" page.

Using or selling collectibles
From the Inventory & Pods page you can equip or sell your collectibles. To equip click on the top left corner (an Equip/Consume button is there). If you are using a consumable, this will instantly start the timer running until the earning boost expires. You can monitor the boost and the time until they expire from the main Cointivity Profile page.  For equippables, equip them as soon as you can (unless you already have ones of higher % running, and you have no open slots.) These will boost your earnings on Cointiply forever!  Continue to equip items as you wish until all your slots are full. If you have consumables that you feel you would never use or just will be better off selling, you can click the button besides the Equip / Consume button, to trade them for coins, which will be added to your account balance instantly. You may also want to collect several collectibles to form a collection, which has better boosts and trade in value.
How much boost can you get? When is it better to sell or use? First review the database below.



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Collectible Database:

Purpose of the database is so one can better be informed of when to use a collectible and when to sell a collectible for coins. Also, make an easy way to see which collectibles are in the special collections or not. 

Collectible Database Details:

- Two sortings are shown: 1 - alphabetically by collectible name  2- by special collection.  
- The Sell Gain Column shows the "Trade in Value" for coins of a Collectible.

- The Coins to Cover Sell shows you how many coins you would have to earn on Cointiply to equal the sell price of the item. For a consumable, one should determine if it is realistic to obtain that amount of coins before equipping. The Coins per Hour column shows you how many coins per hour throughout the duration of that collectible's lifespan you would have to earn to break even on the collectible. Equippables have no such coin per hour figure

- Collectibles that are in a special collection are also noted. 

**As of April 2019, 22 items have been added that need added to the database.


CointiPoint / Collectible Strategy:

Which pod to buy? Rare, Uncommon, Common, which is better?

When choosing pods one must answer the question Quanity or Quality?
Here is a brief mathematical break down:
1 Rare Pod = cost 9000 CointiPoints = 3 total collectibles

OR for the same cost you can purchase 4 Common pods = 12 total collectibles. 

OR for 1000 CointiPoints more you can purchase 2 Uncommon Pods = 6 total collectibles

Probability of getting at least one rare collectible / Probability of getting at least one uncommon.
1 Rare Pod:  27.1% at least one rare out of 3 items / 83.3% at least one uncommon out of 3 items

4 Common Pods:  11.4% at least one rare out of 12 items / 72% at least one uncommon out of 12 items

2 Uncommon Pods: 26.4% at least one rare out of 6 items / 86% at least one uncommon out of 6 items

Hard to pick a winner here. If you need consumables to use, it is best to stick to Common pods as you get more items for the cost.  If you want to try to find some rare items either Uncommon or Rare will give you about the same probability. You'll get more items if you go with uncommon pods, but they will also cost you an extra 1000 Cointipoints to get 2 uncommon pods. 

When to Sell items, Use them, or Collect Them?

It all depends on how much you use the site and how concentrated your usage is. Nearly all people will benefit from using Equippables directly rather than selling them unless you already have all four slots full. For Equippables, one should try to find four 3% Equippable collectibles. This will add 12% to your overall site earnings forever. I managed to find these within a month. There is a rare 4% Equippable called the "RetScan".  Unless, you have tons of CointiPoints to spare on rare or uncommon pods, I wouldn't bother looking for it. 

For consumables on the other hand, I personally only use them when I know that I will have some time to be active on the site.  Otherwise, I collect them for that time. How do you know how active to be?
Check out the collectible database for an easy way to figure it out. If you look at the Coin to Cover Sell column, one can see how many coins you will need to earn during the life duration of an item to break even verses the trade-in value. If you can't likely get to that value, then you are better off trading it in "selling it. " 

You can also try to complete a collectible "Collection", a group of specific items, to make their collectibles even more valuable. In the Collectible Database, one can also see which collectibles are in a collection. Access the "Collection" progress interface on Cointiply under your Profile and the Item List. When you complete a collection, you can lock it in here and get a special item that has bigger benefits if used and a higher trade-in value compared to the items that make it up.  Some of the items in a collection are equippables and some consumables,  Two of the most valuable collections,Master Blaster and Double Helix, contain rare items, so this is another good reason to shoot for the uncommon or rare pods. The best collection to own is the "Good Luck" collection. This will give you a 7% boost on your earnings for 24 hours, and also has the highest resale value. 

One cool collection is "Zap It!", which protects your site loyalty for 3 days in case you are away from a computer and technlogy.  

One easy way to make your consumables worthwhile is to save up all your "HideOut" Adscend offer-wall video points for multiple days. Activate your best consumables and then redeem. 

Hodl CointiPoints and Collectibles?

It has been told to me by the admins that there are plans for there to be a marketplace to sell collectible items. It also has been mentioned that CointiPoints can also someday be redeemed for merchandise prizes such as electronic items. As for the ETA or the cost of these items, that is to be determined.




The top 10 CointiPoint earners in a day starting and ending at midnight UTC on the site receive bonus coin prizes totaling $25 a day. First pace earns $3.50, second earns $3.25, third earns $2.50, all others earn $2.25.


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