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Welcome! First, let me tell you congratulations! You have found one of the most profitable websites around that has been running over a year and paying out over $200,000 in Bitcoin thus far. To let how to get started, watch this tutorial video below. The first thing your going to want to do is make your faucet claim. You are going to see a button that says Roll & Win. Start by clicking on that and entering a Captcha (security check phrase to ensure your not a bot). You will then see an animation and the numbers will determine your amount of coins you receive. Above the potential winnings, you will notice something called a Cointiplier. The more active you are on the site and the more features you use on a daily basis will determine your Cointiplier rating. The multiplier is already calculated into your potential winnings chart displayed underneath.

Cointiplier Explained....

 Now after doing this if you turn your attention to the top of the site you will see a bunch of different areas of the site to browse...

  1. This will be your Faucet Area/Main Dashboard. Also known as the homepage.

  2. This area is an area where you can play browser games to earn coins.

  3. This is an area where you can watch Ads to earn coins.

  4. This is going to be your main area to earn coins by completing offers.

  5. This is the Mining Game a major part of earnings on this site.

  6. This is Cointiplys PTC (Paid To Click) offerwall. Here you can create Ads as well as earn from them. 

 At the very top of the page you will also notice your coin Balance/USD/BTC. The Conversion rate is coins:USD 100:0.01 The coin value and your effort are not based on BTC prices but rather the USD. This means when you decide to withdraw your earnings from this site you will be paid the equivalent in BTC or DOGE depending on the price of the coin at that time.

   Now as you scroll down the page you will see some more detailed info...

  1. Loyalty Bonus = Number of Consecutive Login Days (Only applies to faucet claims)

  2. Show if your currently subscribed to a Premium Membership or Standard

  3. Shows your referral link followed by number of referrals you currently have

  4. Shows your account Balance and how close you are to being able to make withdraws.


  Referring people to the site can be a great additional income for the average user. Simply copy and paste your referral code and start getting it out there. Earnings are as follows 10% on offerwalls,  25% on faucet claims.

Live Chat Questions

 Simply click connect to be sent to my discord channel and feel free to ask questions or leave site feedback for me. Enjoy!

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