William Swarner
Aug 10, 2018



I will be using coin mode only when gems are on a low probably at 20 gem per coin or less as gems are more valuable to many now.The other time i will use coin mode is if i want to level up a building and thats all. This new mode brings new profit and challenge to the game positioning will be everything. D8hEZ1quLZWQRbQ9nhQ9PWX1jSAw7myJb3 thanks for reading.

she too time to build now i need to maintain


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  • dsnymn
    Aug 9, 2018

    So, everyone has their own strategy, but I, of course, have my own. I am currently 11th in Cointiply and need 71 million gems in 78 days to keep going. Breaking it down I need about 917k gems daily. At first glance, I was shocked, but than I broke it down. At minimum I can do 12 faucets and I am at 100% efficiency so I can get roughly 72k gems from that daily at minimum. (Gems per spin are going down, so I am doing it AS NOW strategy. Also, I figure I average 400 gems per check in so thats 4800 (typicially more daily, but going with minimums here) That leaves me with 840k gems more to get. I just recently was able to unlock EX in minute staff. so 75 coins = 4200 gems and I do the click also which is 25 coins or 1400 gems.. so together = 5600 gems for click on each. So that is 150 pairs of clicks to = 840k gems. Seems like a lot but it goes fast. I keep videos running as much as possible too which I can typically get about 5000 coins daily (3 screens at same time in background) or 280k gems. I am doing as much as possible now because I know gem rate will go down. There are plenty of surveys to do and I like doing some apps once in awhile on offer walls. I mix it up to not get bored... it is doable though!!!
  • edward gieder
    Aug 9, 2018

    I believe my strategy will be to stay in Gem mode majority of the time and just use profits from the Mines to upgrade when I can afford to. I don't plan on using coin mode for quite sometime at least not until i can cover rebuild costs. Lets see how well you guys pay attention ... First person to post their legit strategy/ a mine photo and email me their DOGE address gets 30 Doge, 2nd person 15 Doge, 3rd person 5 Doge! Go hurry! � �

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