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Game coming soon!

 June 19, 2020

It has been tough to keep things updated here for sure! COVID-19 and working on my own side project site has taken up a lot of time. Regardless, Cointiply continues to be a great earnings site! Cointiply MODs are currently daily testing the P2P game and working with the admins to improve it. This will be here before you know it. Think of Age of Empires or Starcraft only you will win coins for battling!  It seems awesome so far!

I put a new guide video on the front page here, added a brief tips to Chat rain section, and updated the offerwall guide a little bit. Checkout InBran surves, which are new and seem to pay well if you are up to taking surveys. I hope to update this a little more often! Take care. See you on Cointiply :). 

Update by @MrBrightside

12 Days of Christmas Bonus!

December 12, 2019

Cointiply is now offering a 10% boost on all offerwall earnings until December 24 to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas.  Also, the Cointibot is loading up the chat rain (now snow) with extra boosts! The snow storms have been fierce.  Make sure you are chatting and doing offers to get buried in the snow and receive lots of bonus earnings.

Here is the official announcement:  https://cointiply.com/blog/boost-your-earnings-and-get-free-coins-in-cointiplys-12-days-of-christmas

The new game is right around the corner here is the latest features of it that were mentioned by the admins:  


"You can fight or be a farmer any time you want, as long as you have buildings to create combat units. The catch is there are more building types available then there are slots to build them.You can only have X number of buildings at any given time. You are free to sell them (at a loss) and build new ones though.

In standard battles, winner takes the entire prize pool. There will also be some special battles where everyone gets a cut based on their performance. So, for example, it might cost you 1000 Coins worth of combat units for a chance to win 90,000 if you win the battle."

Update by @MrBrightside

Latest Game Preview and Let It Rain! 

November 22, 2019

Cointiply has introduced a chat reward system for quality conversation (over quantity of conversation) and being active on the site doing offers, PTCs,  etc. The more active you are the more your pool percentage increases. The exact formula of how to increase it is not shared, just be active! The rain occurs at random times when the rain drop fills up based on site activity and contributions to the pool. Users can contribute to the rain from the chat with the command /rain followed by a number, for example /rain 1000 would add 1000 coins to the pool. However, your contributions don't increase your pool percentage. It's just a way to give your coins away to others. My typical rain gains range anywhere between 100 and 1000 coins based on my activity. More details can be found here:  https://cointiply.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000197313-how-cointiply-chat-rain-works

Cointiply is also making great progress on the 3D PvP game. Here is a new video to wet your appetite. Mod Rob24 has also created a Cointiply "Radio" YouTube channel where this video is hosted: 

Update by @MrBrightside

Cointiply lowers minimum requirements to withdraw!

November 10, 2019

In response to FaucetHub.io's announcement (see below), Cointiply has decided to accommodate smaller withdrawals with a lower direct BitCoin wallet transfer minimum requirement. The withdrawal min. has been reduced from 100,000 coins ($10) to 50,000 coins ($5).  This is a permanent change. Here is the official announcement:


Update by @MrBrightside

Cointiply releases official Mobile App - Free 500 Coins!

November 9, 2019

With great excitement, I am announcing the availability of a Cointiply mobile app. for Android mobile devices via the Google Play store.  Click on this link on your mobile device to download it: https://cointiply.mobi/1P5b.

If you download it, Cointiply gives you 500 free coins (currently).  There are also mobile only video offers, and I have heard from various sources that TapResearch surveys work far better on mobile.  Check them out!

Also, today, I have learned FaucetHub.io will be closing December 10 in the announcement at https://faucethub.io/news/post/211

 This will affect many small faucets, but Cointiply will continue running as usual. 

FaucetHub is running into regulatory issues with use of their exchange. My advise, if you have a FaucetHub balance, I would deposit it your Cointiply account to get the 5% interest, or at least, send it out to your own wallet elsewhere.

Life has been busy here for me working full time and being a father, so apologies on lack of updates. Cointiply has changed in many small ways recently, suggest as the use of suggested offers based on geographic location. All and all Cointiply is continuing to thrive. The new game seems to be coming soon and was likely delayed because of the need for a mobile app. Looking forward to Cointiply's bright future ahead. 

Update by @MrBrightside

Cointiplyguide.com back for another year! HideOut TV Rule Change!

August 30, 2019

Site owner Edg has generously purchased another year of hosting for Cointiplyguide.com.  I will do my best to keep things updated here over the next year but have been distracted by kids, a full time job, and my other site. Today, I wish I was reporting on the release of the anticipated game, but I have no official news. It should be here soon within a few weeks I suspect.  

There is also a top secret project that even us Cointiply Mods are not privy to know of. It may be even more exciting than the game. 

On this site today, I updated the Offerwall guide to reflect two of my favorite new way to earn coins. I also put a very important rule change on the Video guide page about  HideOut TV.  Also, added was a more prominent link (top right) to the Cointiply Unofficial Discord Channel if you want to talk about things not specifically allowed in the Cointiply chat. Keep earning those coins! Enjoy life. 


Update by @MrBrightside

Getting Closer...

July 22, 2019

The new game is on the horizon for Cointiply. We are likely less than 2 months before Premium users will be able to get a sneak peak at it. I am hopeful that it will really get the buzz going about Cointiply. Here are a few updates that you may not have noticed:

Offerwall tab on Cointiply is now just Offers. It was revamped to allow people to better categorically find offers and to find the more popular ones. Due to this, I have updated my personal offerwall recommendations to make them more new and relevant. Check it out here.

Updated on this site is the "Videos" section. It includes all my tips and tricks to earn about $1 a day on video offers (if you are from a tier 1 country). One of the big additions is that HIdeOutTV has added a "Creator a Day" section that pays 255 coins for every 5 ad views. This can be done multiple times. HideOutTV now has its own link on Cointiply under the videos section of the Offers tab. However, you can also find "Creator a Day" more easily on Adscend. 

Cointiply also now is giving out promotion codes to get free coins and possibly other offers. They often post Promo codes in Chat or on their official Twitter feed:  https://twitter.com/cointiplyfaucet?lang=en

To redeem, copy and paste the code after you click on the "Promos" link that is located in the left side menu under "Faucet" and "Setting".  

Update by @MrBrightside

Some Big Time News!

July 5, 2019

While I have everyone's attention, first I wanted to mention that I updated my CointiPoints page reflecting recent (April) changes to the Collectibles. I still need to add the 22 new items to the Database, but other than that, it is up to date.  

Also, I am happy to say CointiplyGuide.com will be around for at least another year! Thank you site supporters Edg and Unnatural for their contributions to keep us running. 

Now some news that you want to read, Cointiply Admin, Unnatural, recently revealed that Cointiply is working on a top secret project, so secret and hopefully awesome that they did not even want to reveal the details of it. All that I know is that it has something to do with earnings on the site and for all geographies!


Also, Unnatural did hint at an early release date for the upcoming game being in late August for Premium members. This of course is extremely tentative on how development goes, but we can hope for that to happen! One final interesting game tidbit is that it will also be paying referral earnings on portions of the game.  Until then, keep on Contiplying!

Update by @MrBrightside

New Videos for Upcoming P2P Game!

June 24, 2019

The new game is really progressing nicely! Think Command & Conquer / Age of Empires / real time strategy / base building attack your competitors type game. Here are two videos showing the game in action.  


It looks like the battles can be up to 100 players at a time, which means one huge prize pool!

Update by @MrBrightside

New Details on Upcoming P2P Game!

June 16, 2019

It's been awhile since I posted an official update. Let's just say life has been busy. However, I have some breaking news of some details on the upcoming new Cointiply game (subject to change.)


  • The game will be a 3D real time strategy game where you use coins, fuel and ore to build buildings and combat units. For each match, you assign combat units, which each have a point value. These units get used up in the match, and the winner receives the prize pool with all of the Coins.

  • Each match has a fixed number of resource points you can spend. So there's matches for smaller players who don't want to risk much and for bigger players. It will also be possible for people who just want to farm resources to sell what they produce to the fighters. I

  • The winner of each match is based (mostly) on strategy, with some slight randomness in cases where there are equal strategies.

  • The new game does require spending Coins to play, you can get started without any but ultimately for there to be a chance to earn Coins, they need to be spent.

On the site here, I recently edited some of my advice in the "Offerwalls" section. Cointiply has also added the new offer wall Jungle Survey, which everyone can do regardless of country. Read about it here:  http://www.cointiplyguide.com/offer-walls

Since the last update in April, there have been new collectibles added and the CointiPoints prices have changed. You can read about these most recent changes here:  https://cointiply.com/home?intent=news

Basically, it makes CointiPoints more sustainable. Also, it adds the correct value to each CointiPoint, as the admins are still planning on adding a physical merchandise redemption ability for CointiPoints.

Update by @MrBrightside

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Check back often for more updates! 
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