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Cointiply Update Archive and History:

New PTC System Released

A new updated Cointiply PTC system has been released with a number of new features as follows:


  1. More sites are now eligible for approval since there is no longer any iframes which some sites weren't compatible with before.

  2. Advertisers can now optionally geo target their Ads, the top tier costs 25% extra, the middle tier is 10% extra and the low tier is 10% cheaper or of course advertisers can continue targeting worldwide at the normal price.

  3. Ads can now be optionally featured with 2 additional options available. You can add a featured badge and have your Ad at the top of the list for an additional 10% or a highlighted border for an additional 5% cost.

  4. You can now view your PTC click history from the left side menu in detail.

Special offers are currently available with a 5% discount if you purchase 10,000 views, a 10% discount for 50,000 views and a 15% discount for 100,000 views. 


The new update is mostly designed in favor of the advertiser to give them better exposure and therefore better value for money, this in turn will hopefully mean more Ads and will therefore be better for everyone in the long run.


Note: When you view an Ad it will open in a new tab without a timer visible, view the site for at least as long as required and then tab over back to previous Cointiply tab to complete the captcha, before you complete it check the image shuffling timer isn't about to run out, if it is wait until it suffles first to prevent accidentally clicking the wrong image. 

In other news, the new section on CointiplyGuide.com about the new Collectibles update has now been improved and added to, you can check this out here http://www.cointiplyguide.com/cointipoints

Update by @Paul1969

New CointiPoint Page and Collectible Database

I'am excited to announce a new section of CointiplyGuide.com. It is a page featuring information, strategy, and data on the new Collectible update on Cointiply. I am still working on the strategy section, but the database and some beginning help is pretty much complete. Please check it out here:  http://www.cointiplyguide.com/cointipoints


In other news the daily prizes for Cointivity earnings continue to be a hit. Cointiply gives away $25 each day to the top earners on the site at the end of the day UTC.  I also have gotten some sneak previews of the upcoming PvP Cointiply game. It has 3D elements in it and looks to be a type of real time strategy base building game. I wish I could show you pictures, but I am sure you will see them soon. 

Update by @MrBrightSide

How much can you really gain from the new reward Cointipoints?

I've been playing around with Cointipoints for a little over a week, and I am shocked how quickly one can get additional earning on Cointiply. In a little over a week's time I am nearly equipped to earn 9% or more on all my site earnings!
How might you ask? I have collected 3 - lifetime lasting - 3% offer boost equippables. It has only taken me a week to get these using mainly common and a few uncommon pods. 

What is even more exciting is that this is just the base. My pal Tony has done even better and with his consumables was boosting 24% on all of his offerwall earnings, and he still has room to grow! Checkout his item setup profile here

One other neat thing that I discovered is that when you complete a special collection of several items you can earn double the coins if you elect to trade in your items for coins.  Click on "Collections" to see what items are needed to complete a collection. I only tested this with one collection, but it is likely true for them all. See what I mean here. I am likely going to test each collectible as I get them and update the spreadsheet.

It may be even better just to hodl your CointiPoints for the future roll out of the reward store. We will see. 
Also, in other news, Cointiply is discontinuing awarding prizes for Chat Karma. However, Cointiply will begin offering daily prizes for Cointivity earning. Earn a bunch of coins one day, and you may get even more in bonus prizes!
Details on how this prize system will work will be forthcoming in future updates.

Update by @MrBrightSide

The Update is Here!  Earn those reward points!

As you may notice, the reward point / collectible update has been released!  You can earn CointiPoints, which are reward points. Every 10 coins earned on Cointiply through all offers, faucets, videos, PTC ads, and browser games yields 1 reward point. Every 10,000 coins wagered on CointiPlay (multiplier game) earns a point as well. 

Click on Cointivity profile to explore what you can do with these points. Save up your points to purchase pods to get special collectible items that will give you earning boosts. Points will someday also be spendable on electronics and other merchandise items. You can also redeem your collectible items for coins too, and maybe even trade them on a future planned marketplace.  See the March 1 post for a bit more details. More details coming soon!

Here is a link to the official Cointiply publication about it:  Cointiply official update information

Update by @MrBrightSide

Collectibles and Reward Points Coming Soon!

A good day is coming to Cointiply when we will be able to earn even more! Right now, the site designers are building an exciting new system that will increase everyone's earnings on the site through reward points, which allow one to purchase collectibles that contain boosts on everything imaginable on the site. I have been privileged to be able to test it out and am excited for the day it will actually be usable. 

Basically, how it will work is that every 10 coins in earnings on Cointiply through offerwalls, PTC ads, videos, Cointiplay, browser games, and referral earnings (basically everything but the faucet) will earn you one CointiPoint. Save up these points to purchase collectibles. Collectibles will both be temporary boosts or in some cases permanent ones. You will randomly earn different collectibles. To have a better chance of receiving a better collectible, one must spend a higher amount of CointiPoints. 

Your point tracking will be in a profile, where you can equip collectibles as you wish to gain boosts. You start out with the ability to collect 1 equippable item and 1 consumable item. The difference is that consumables only last a certain duration while equippables are permanent. As you earn more on Cointiply, your levels will increase which will open up new slots to switch on and off various collectibles. Currently there are 4 possible equippable slots and 8 possible consumable slots. If you have duplicate or extra collectibles or ones you simply don't want, you can sell them in exchange for coins. You can also purchase certain collectibles. In another update further down the road, collectibles will actually be able to bought and sold at a marketplace.  

If you are wondering how much more you can earn, you will find most collectibles being a few percentage points. The highest collectible that I've seen on the list is a 7% consumable variety that lasts 4 hours. However, remember that eventually you'll be able to use multiple collectibles in each of up to 12 slots simultaneously, so it can really boost your earnings once you progress through the levels and open up new slots.  There is so much here that is coming. Awesome times await!

Update by @MrBrightSide

Security Alert and How to Bring on More Money!

I am sad to report that several users have reported their accounts being hacked. The pattern follows that a user cannot log into their account and 2FA (2 factor authentication) has been turned on by the "hacker". Make sure your password is a strong, unique password, or your account may be compromised. There is likely an insecure faucet people are getting their passwords stolen from.​ Cointiply does have a good security but recently those using 2FA have been running into an issue where they cannot get passed the request for 2FA security screen unless they go onto a different device. I personally use e-mail 2FA with no problem but recently this has been glitchy for some users. Admins are aware of the issue.

Now some good news, I am happy to see that Adscend videos new Hideout.tv is really paying well. I am currently able to get about $0.70 = 7,000 coins a day by running the videos on two devices and checking them once every hour or so. Sorry to those countries that aren't eligible for Adscend. This is about what I used to average back during the mining game glory days. Adscend is still imposing 3 devices maximum per household and only one window open on device else you risk being banned. They do cap you at some point in coins that you can earn. I reached my limit at 7191 coins today, so there is likely some variance from day to day on this cap. The only thing different with Hideout verses the old Adscend videos is that you have to link Cointiply and manually click the redeem button when you want to cash in your points. It is pretty painless to do. Anytime that you are running a device for a long time, try to minimize the power that you use. You could turn down the power consumption settings to make this more profitable and run it on a small tablet or laptop. 

One final reminder is that the karma system on Cointiply is "intended to reward people who help, that it's not about "getting" karma to get karma." My opinion is it's good to earn karma, but why waste time doing it when you can earn MUCH more by just doing a few other tasks. Be helpful to be helpful not because of some silly karma system.

Update by @MrBrightSide

Collectibles Coming to Cointiply Before the end of February

Phase 1 of the next exciting things on Cointiply likely will be released before the end of February according to Unnatural (admin) mentioned today in chat. What will this look like? Details below:

Formally called "Cointivity", you will be further rewarded on Cointiply with reward points, collectibles, and boosts, which can be earned by various tasks such as so much offerwall activity, spinning certain numbers on the faucet etc. 

Cointipoints (reward points) can be used to purchase physical reward items or "pods". Inside these "pods" will be collectibles that one can consumed or equipped for upgrades on the site. Later on, these collectible items will be able to be sold on the future planned marketplace.

Some collectible examples are a 3% boost on offerwall earnings sitewide, boosts on your referral earnings, boosts on your reward point earnings, boosts on your earnings from faucet rolls. Lots of good stuff! 

The new chat is definitely a needed improvement to Cointiply. You will soon be able to modify your nickname in chat.  Also, the top 10 in Karma earnings split a $25 prize pool ($2.50 a piece). Anyone with more than 5 karma at the end of the week at midnight, Saturday UTC time earns 100 bonus Cointiply coins ($0.01). Happy Cointiplying!

Update by @MrBrightSide

New Chat is Here for All! New Cointiply Features Leaked

I hope you are all enjoying the new chat! The biggest reason for the new chat system at Cointiply is so it can be developed and it's been designed from the ground up, it's a prerequisite for future features. The old chat system was 3rd party code and couldn't be modified by the devs, the new system can be integrated with all the other new features that are planned as well as tweaked / fixed if and when it's needed. The new features on Cointiply will come in three phases as outlined by "Unnatural":

Phase 1:  Collectibles, reward points, and consumables to provide earnings boosts for Cointiply users.

Phase 2:  Badges and Marketplace (evidently to sell these collectibles)
Phase 3:  PvP, which will be much more fun than the mining game ever was.

Here is another leak about the new game, "It will be along the lines of base building /  real time strategy with real coins involved." Stay tuned for more details released, as we learn them. A big thank you to fellow chat mod Paul for this info. 

In other news, the TapResearch offerwall is now paying again and working well, and Adscend has released new videos that work even better. Read about them on my Offerwall Guide Page

The chat has already been updated some. You can now refresh your Karma totals and Karma leaderboard if you go over to the third tab at the top and look below all the chat options.


If you haven't figured out how Karma works, you get 3 Karma points each day (resets at midnight UTC time to share with whoever is helpful or kind to you. To give the Karma, Click on their name, a menu pops up, and you can award them Karma! Go ahead and test it out on my name :).  The top 10 Karma users each week each win a share of a 250,000 coin ($25) prize pool. Karma contest will end based on UTC time. Enjoy!

Update by @MrBrightSide

New Chat has been released for Cointiply Premium Members! Pics below.

It is here! It is better than I anticipated, a new and improved Cointiply chat. Right now Cointiply is operating the old chat and new chat both. The new chat is currently only available to Premium members, but will soon be available for all. I've taken a picture of the 4 menus in the chat and some of its features are detailed below.  

Menu 1 - Main Chat:  You can now click on people's names and award them Karma (more on that later), take away Karma, add them as a friend. As a mod, boot and silence them with a few simple clicks. 

Menu 2 - Online/Friend List: See who is online of your buddies, even if they aren't actively chatting.  

Menu 3 - Options/Karma: Lots of chat options to play with. You will be able to change your Username on the chat soon and create a custom Avatar. Also, you can see your Karma and the Karma that you have to spend on site users. On this menu you will also find the Karma leaderboard. The top 10 members at the end of the week in total Karma will share a $25 prize pool . Regular members have 3 Karma to distribute each day; mods have 10 Karma to distribute.

Menu 4 - Chat Rooms: There is more than one chatroom. Smaller chat rooms may be a blessing if the main chat room gets too crazy as more and more people will be using the chat since it is much more easily accessible and allows people to work on the site while chatting.  

I think it will make Cointiply into more of a community than it ever was. Also, coming soon will be site "levels and badges" and many more features.  Happy Cointiplying!

Update by @MrBrightSide

New Chat and Site Features Coming Soon! New ways to earn here now!

First, I am excited to announce the new chat will be deployed within a very short period of time. I was privileged to demo it, and it is really neat. It will definitely make Cointiply more of a community again now that the mining game is gone, as it will load with the home page automatically. The new chat features Karma tipping, which likely will have some prizes associated with it for getting lots of good Karma. It also looks to have multiple sub chat rooms and a lot easier way to find members to private message. 

I also wanted to announce that I revamped the Offerwall guide on here. If you haven't noticed, Cointiply has added a new survey offerwall, Opinion Capital. It looks to be similar to Revenue Wall. Also, they added a new way to earn coins with videos. I personally don't like the new video earning system, but it would be good for those that don't get Adscend Videos. I also redid my comparison Cointiply vs. SatoshiLabs results. Enjoy!

Update by @MrBrightSide

Satoshi Labs vs. Cointiply in Offerwall Pay and Cointiply Security Update

I want to let you all know about the important new feature Cointiply has rolled out on 12/29/18.  2FA (two factor authentication has been added to Cointiply to increase the security on the website).  You will need to manually activate it by clicking on your name in the top right corner, going down to Settings, and clicking on the Security Settings Tab. Then you can select which option you would want to use.  Move the slider from white to pink to turn a method on.  

There are three options to pick from: PIN, Email, or one-time authentication using a 3rd party App. You could even use all three at once.  Cointiply's system defaults to requiring the strongest of the three you chose (one-time is strongest, email is second strongest, PIN is third strongest). All will make your account dramatically more secure. 

Also, I want you all to be aware that Cointiply despite not having the mining game still pays out better than other faucets out there in terms of Adscend Videos and Minute Staff. I compared SatoshiLabs vs. Cointiply and even simulated the returns over 350 days being continuously reinvested in SatoshiLabs game with the second most efficient investment, the Generator. I did not factor in such things as bonus pool or efficiency cost, but that is a relatively a small fraction of overall earnings.  Checkout the Cointiply vs. SatoshiLabs results.

Also checkout my new project:  faucetgamers.com   

A contest will be starting in January.  See the "Review" faucets page. 

Update by @MrBrightSide

Cointiply Manually Inflates Payout Pool and Other Site News

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Cointiply Admins decided to triple the rate of this weeks payout back to the miners. If this rate were to continue, I would get paid back in 32 weeks. This isn't too bad. Also, payment rates may increase when small miners get paid out in complete. 

I also learned that the next site updates will deal with 2FA (two factor authentication) to increase site security. You will be able to increase security and force verification of your account via e-mail or phone before logging in.  Also, a planned improvement of the chat room is in store. A second hand source has told me that he learned about a new feature involving chat "Tipping" allowing people to get a "Karma Tip" and earn from a "Karma pool" of coins. 

I also received a $50 payment from Cointiply to my account from the withdrawal of my coins that were not in my mine, so Cointiply is still paying and paying well. The mining "unemployment" pool payments should be going out on Tuesday.

Update by @MrBrightSide

Cointiply Outlines Future for the Site and Mining Game Payout Plans

I was able to discuss my questions and uncertainties about the payout plan and the future of Cointiply with Admins Flatfoot and Unnatural today in an extended chat. Please read the chat transcript to see details on what Cointiply will do next with collectibles and upgrades to the site and what the plan is to get people their money back as fast as possible for the mining game: Click Here to Open Google DOC Chat Transcript

Update by @MrBrightSide

Cointiply to End Mining Game!

I logged onto Cointiply to see my mine gone and the chat in an uproar. Even as a Mod, I was surprised by the sudden news of Cointiply putting the breaks on the mining game for good, as payouts were becoming unsustainable. 

The official publication is here:  https://cointiply.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000105016-ending-the-cointiply-mining-game

The good news is Cointiply is not taking our money and running but paying back whatever we earned on the site + a 15% bonus. The bad news is that we will only be given a certain "payment" each week of this until we get all our earnings back and anything you already have taken out from the site will be not counted again. I am hopeful this payment will be regular and consistent. I will continue to use Cointiply for earning as long as my payment continues and checking in occasionally as a Mod. However, if you are discouraged by Cointiply, please checkout some well regarded other faucets on my "Gaming Faucet" list:  http://cointiplyguide.com/faucets

Optimistically speaking, Cointiply is still planning on adding collectibles to the game in the future and creating a competitive PvP game.  Stay tuned.  Until then, I will be focused on expanding my Gaming Faucet list and promoting it.

Update by @MrBrightSide

Cointiply and Site Update - 5% Interest Begins if you Activate it!

Today (Dec. 1), Cointiply has begun adding interest to people's accounts with over 35,000 coins in them. Interest will be calculated daily on the average balance and paid out weekly on Sunday and added to your account. In order to get this interest you have to activate it in a setting. (Not sure why, anyone would choose not to get free interest, but okay).
Read the official interest publication update
here.  Interest earned can not be used on the Cointiply mining game. 

To activate interest go to the setting page:  https://cointiply.com/settings and switch the button from white to pink. 

I have also added multilingual support to this site, so let all your multinational friends know they can now read it!
Also, checkout my favorite faucet link for a list of all paying "Gaming Faucets", soon adding other favorites of mine. 

Update by @MrBrightSide

Cointiply Update - Cointiply to Start BTC Deposits and More...

Cointiply just released a surprise update that will benefit most website users, the ability to deposit Bitcoin and earn 5% earnings on any balance over 35,000 coins ($3.50). Deposited money cannot be use in the Cointiply mining game. However, deposited money can be used to gain winnings on the multiplier game. Any winnings above the initial deposit can be used in the mining game. 

Other updates include a wagering contest on the Multiplier game.
Read the official publication here. 

Future promised updates include ETH withdrawals, two factor authentication to increase security, and site-wide collectibles. Update by @MrBrightSide

Check back for more updates coming soon.

Plan how many gems to save in total and per day as well as how many coins to set aside if you cannot earn enough gems to per day to rebuild your mine. 

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