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Summary: With Various videos on Cointiply, you can make about $1.00 each day without doing much work by following my strategy and advice below.  It makes it easier to have a computer dedicated to running videos when you are not on it, or in the background.  The most reliable Video provider is HideOut TV, which is affiliated with AdscendMedia.  You can access this by clicking on the Video Tab or on Offer Walls then Adscend. 
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How to make the most of HideOut TV

1. How it works:  You only get paid for the advertisements that you view. Shortly after the video shows an advertisement, you will be credited 3 HideOut TV Points. For every 9 points, you earn 51 coins on Cointiply if you click on the 51 coin offers on Adscend or go directly to the Video page by clicking on HideOut TV under Videos in the Offer Wall list. Ads will play in the middle and after most video clips.  However, they are not credited instantly to your account Cointiply account. To redeem rewards click on "Rewards" Below the video. If it asks you to create an account, you must register a HideOut TV account in order for your rewards to be stored. After you make an account, you can then redeem your points in multiples of 9 when you click on redeem. New rule as of August 2019, only one video running at a time for an entire household. This replaces the 3 device limit per household. Visit here for all HideOut rules.

2. Redeeming - After you click on Redeem, you will see a button to proceed with your point redemption that will send your earnings to Cointiply. You can see a list of possible sites that use HideOut TV on the right side. Make sure Cointiply is the site selected. It should automatically link when you click through Cointiply but it is still a good idea to double check. You can see all this in the image below.


2. Tips on Redeeming - As you can see above, I have not redeemed my points in awhile. Why? First, I trust my Points will still be there the next day, and it is annoying to redeem often. Second, storing my points up allows me to use "Consumables" on Cointiply to boost my earnings (usually around 25% to 30% for me).  I often let my points get above 5000 before redeeming. If you don't know about CointiPoints and Consumables, please read this page

- HideOutTV gives you one free Promo code a day for 9 free points, but they almost daily release other promo codes. If you allow notifications, these will popup automatically. Also, they post their promo codes to Facebook, so you may want to become friends with them on Facebook and check it regularly. 

3. Tips on Using the Player - Sometimes you won't see ads every video, and the ad supply may seem low. First, I would try switching to a different video channel or simply refreshing the page to see if an ad gets generated rather quickly. Occasionally, the ad supply does run out and you get no coins for running the videos. It seems ads are replenished every day around 6:00 or 7:00 AM UTC server time. (around 2:00 to 3:00 AM Eastern USA).  

- Occasionally, your HideOut TV account will get logged out, and you may not realize this. Always make sure you are logged in under the Rewards Button at the bottom of the video. Otherwise, your rewards may not count at all.

- Warning! Do NOT attempt multiple windows of videos on the same computer with ads.  You will eventually get banned. New rule change as of August 2019, users can now only use HideOut TV on one device in your household unless you risk being banned. 

4. Creator a Day - Part of HideOut TV is this new offer that gives you 255 coins for watching 5 videos. One has to click on Creator a Day on Adscend or click on Videos and scroll down until you find this section shown above in the picture. Unlike other videos, you have to keep this window active and in focus or you will not get coins. Also, it credits directly to your Cointiply Activity account and not to your Point Total. However, you do not get credit until you click on the button that appears after the 5th video plays. It looks like 4 of the videos are 255 coins for one time offers. The other is 255 coins that you can repeat up to 5 times. With the boosts on Cointiply, that is an additional easy 25 to 30 cents. 

Other Video Offers

1. Video Fox- This offer is actually a part of Offer Torro offer wall. It pays roughly 3 cents per hour of going through random various ads. You just keep the window open (in the background would work), and it pays. Unfortunately, this service is rather inconsistent and ad quality and amount is unreliable. I also do not advise using it on more than one device or more than one window because I think that I am banned from doing this.  

2. Ace Wall - This is rather new, and I have not had any success getting paid on it. You may be able to access it and get ads for it to work. Cointiply advertises it as up to 80 Coins for every 4 ads viewed.

3. Jungle Surveys - Not really videos, but unlimited short surveys that one can do. This is listed under the video section. Pay out is relatively small, but easy to come by.

4. Opinion Capital - There is a video tab on this Offer Wall.  They often have limited amount of earnings. On occasion it plays, and you get 300 coins for about 20 minutes of ads.  Then it runs out of ads. I used to get about 2400 coins or $0.24 here, but they greatly reduced the ads. It now seems rather useless, but you may want to check it out anyhow. 

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